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Privacy Policy


At Golden Sleep, the privacy of our customers is our topmost priority. We have developed this Privacy policy to help our customers understand how we collect, use, communicate, disclose personal information.

Our privacy policy is outlined below:

We will identify the customer our objective behind collecting their personal information, before or at the time of collection.
The customer’s information we collect will be solely used for the purpose specified by us and other compatible purposes. Unless as required by law or consent from the customer.
The information will be retained with us till the fulfillment of specified purposes. 
We use fair and lawful means to collect personal information and where relevant, with the consent or knowledge of the concerned person.
We collect cookies and pixels to track the activities of the user’s on our website. We collect cookies and for the sole purpose of serving our customers better, enhance their website experience, and monitor website operation and use.
We use cookies to serve users with relevant advertisements when they visit us or our advertising partners’ websites. A user can decline our cookies if the browser permits or remove cookies by deleting the “help” file in the browser. Declining or removing cookies can impact your website navigation experience.
The customer’s information we collect will only be used for relevant purposes and to the extent necessary be accurate, complete, and up-to-date.
We use reasonable security tools to protect the collected information from unauthorized access, disclosure, copying, use, or modification.
We will provide our customers relevant information about our policies and methods related to 
We will make readily available to customers information about our policies and how we are managing their personal information.
We are committed to conducting our business in a lawful manner and in accordance with these principles to ensure that the user’s personal information is protected and maintained.
As you browse, Golden sleep and other third-party websites, online ad networks place anonymous cookies with the sole purpose of understanding individually interset and serve them more relevant ads. If you wish to opt-out of such tailored ads please visit this page.(You will still see ads while browsing online. However, these ads are not delivered through these targeting methods).
We also collect information such as IP address, geographical location, browser type, referral source, visit duration, page visited to improve client website navigation experience and marketing purposes.

Warranty Information – BASE


Golden sleep offers high-quality 100% Australian-made mattresses and slat bases. 

Here are some crucial factors to keep in mind while shopping for slat bases for your mattress.

Make sure the mattress complements the slat base and provides the necessary support for maximum comfort while sleeping and mattress long life.

Mattresses take the shape of the base they rest on and if placed on a base that can’t hold the weight of one or two sleepers; dips down, this could void the guarantee. Mattress sagging or dipping down might make the mattress sag and top cover wrinkle.

Some slats bases require additional support such as a center rail and a leg to the floor to counter dipping or sagging, especially in Double Queen and King sizes.

Ensure that the timber bases have holes drilled to permit dispersal of moisture, proper airflow, smooth finish to prevent splinter & scuffing damage, and securely fastened to the frame at each end. 

Make sure the base of the mattress is firm, even, and supportive to provide maximum comfort while sleeping. Gaps wider than 10cm in uncovered slats don’t provide the necessary support to sping systems and might result in warranty void. 

Restriction of airflow due to a base that is non-supportive, too hard, or soft may damage the mattress and void this guarantee.

Our recommendation is to use high-quality and specially designed Golden sleep slats and bases for your mattress.


General Information


We reserve the right not to handle slats/bases/mattresses for repair if, in our opinion, our product is misused by the buyer or tempered beyond reasonable wear or physically damaged intentionally or neglected or due to an accident: including burns, cuts, stains, soiled by blood or urine, and if it is unsanitary. We recommend you use a mattress protector at all times. Mattress and base specifications or appearance change without notice could result in warranty void. 

This warranty offered by Golden Sleep is in addition to, and not in substitution for, the right of the purchaser conferred by the trade practices act and/or the legislation of any State or Territory.

General Warranty T&C’s of the Golden Sleep

Golden Sleep provides a warranty against defective workmanship and/or faulty materials that begins on the day the mattress and/or base first delivered to, or collected by, the purchaser and is only applicable for the original purchaser of the goods as shown on the original sales invoice. The warranty offered by us doesn’t cover normal wear & tear or any damages due to misuse, abuse, or negligence. Warranty will be voided, in case of failure to comply with the manufacturer’s care and maintenance requirements.


Warranty Information  -MATTRESS


In addition to the exclusion mentioned above, the warranty we offer excludes;

Minor manufacturing defects that do not affect the performance of the mattress.
Comfort issues relating to the customer’s preferences.
No warranty on handles, as handles are not intended to lift, turn, or transport.

For maximum comfort and long life, all mattresses should be rotated frequently. Recently bought mattresses need to be rotated every 2 weeks in the initial month and then, frequently once in a month during the warranty period. Rotate 2 sided mattresses around 180 degrees and flip over on frequently. Rotate single-sided mattresses just around 180 degrees for long life and maximum comfort. Failure to meet any of the above-mentioned conditions will void the warranty offered by Golden Sleep on the mattress.

We will repair or replace the product under this warranty if satisfied that the material or workmanship is defective. However, there is no additional warranty on repair or replacement under this policy. During the warranty period, the transportation cost arising from repair or replacement will be covered by the Golden Sleep. However, repair or replacement after the warranty period transportation costs are to be met by the purchaser.

Body Impressions, (small indentations) are normal on the surface of the new mattress and are not covered under manufacturing defects. As the upholstery filling on the new mattress is leveling to a final position and getting used to your body contours. 40mm height loss on pillowtop and 30 mm height loss on non pillowtop mattress is considered normal. In case identical material is not available, we reserve the right to use material of equal quality on the particular items being repaired or replaced.

We offer a 7-day replacement on all our mattresses. Our customers can exchange the products during this replacement period, if not completely satisfied with the performance of the mattress. The replacement policy is applicable to newly bought products and will not be extended to the replacement product.


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